Oman is the third largest country in the Arabian peninsula and lawsuits the area of 212,460 km2. The professionals of dissertation writing help services highlight that The Omani borders are shared with Yemen, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and fourth with sea. Oman is the member of Gulf Corporation Council states and it shares some common features like language religion and culture with the countries however Oman is different in its history, and topography. Oman country that receives rainfall it has mountains writing over 3,000 the culture and tradition of Oman is unique because it contains multiculturalism which comes about different people residing in some parts like East, Africa, and United States. Oman has two different variants coast and interior. The coast is Cosmopolitan and vulnerable, and was always open to invasion, while the interior clung to its traditions.
The domestic life is also related to it. The family life in Oman is stunning and care able. Through analysis of field research and relevant literature on measures of cohesiveness, the authors establish that the Omani family can be considered to be highly cohesive. As well, they assert their confidence that the power of the Islamic and Arabic traditions and heritage will continue to support and sustain the Omani family, thus enabling it to confront both current and future challenges. The family life in Oman is different from other countries as their religion and community structures are different to know about a domestic life in Oman first we and about the religion and politics in Oman for better understanding



Ibadhi is a part of Islam that has fewer views about Sunni and Shia. Ibadhi is considered as third Islamic generation, it takes its name from the 7th century abd-allah,  who was one of the founders, and it was organized native of Oman. Imam combines politics and religion functions and  he is responsible for super of tax system and distribution of state revenues to people. There is a largest community in  which is elected by religious Scholars and travel  tribes. And this type have historically a great deal of local autonomy. The fundamental distinction of Omani family is their difference based in Urban and Bedu.


Modern Oman is free can be said to be started in 1970 with  Sultana  is the 14th Sultan and Oman is a nation in transition just 35 years ago, it was an isolated country  known to the world, and number of Scholars have rightly described Oman as the Tibet of Arab world. Modern Oman witnessed the present transformation of the country for illiteracy, disease, and economic loss that is internationally recognized as strong and progressed freedom from childhood diseases and other interiors, documented by writers of dissertation writing services. It was thought that population is growing so fastly and Governments seems diversification in economy. As Oman is abundant in oil resources, so they take profit from their natural abundancy as soon , it becomes as international country which recognize its fame and resources.


Omani people proud of their Islamic heritage. The government is also making striking efforts that Omani people should maintain their identity. Balancing modernity and transition, they are producing good and moral domestic life. The appreciation if Omani social culture and they can be seen according to the Islamic culture. So, the Heritage is Islam, so their domestic life is according to the rules of Islam.

Traditionally, a family is defined as a group which has effects on its survival and reproduction. Operationally, a family is a group of people living together, related by blood, and have sentiments. They are defined as having normal and same goals and they also help each other. According to Government Islamic principles, a family has can be established by marriage and they form a family which has universal conviction among Muslims. Thy are dedicated by the teachings of Holy Quran prophet Mohammad. Thus their domestic life is secure



The education of family is the contributing feature in the life Omani’s people. According to their culture and religion, they have permissions to gain education according to their culture and basic needs. Oman now boosts many schools instead of its history which contains about three schools in all over it. The youth is attaining education according to their genders, and they have basic specifications in their fields too.

The writers of  academic writing services online reported that for a good smooth life, all the persons should be literate for better life and great workings. Without proper education, no country can grows. So, Omani family tries to be advanced in their literate system, therefore , it is their first preference to gain education. According to the e survey by ministry of education, literate women married to literate men and vice versa. So, education is necessary factor in their domestic life.

Economic participation of family have gradually increasing  and gain more access to their education and training. Statistics have shown that the participation rate is 10.1% in 1995 and 35% in 2009, which means a great way of their progress in their workplace. There is a great trend of working women seeking literacy and employment according to its skills which can be learned. The classification was made and it seems that 30% of the women seeks jobs and were illiterate. Just like this, the domestic life has an effect of their literacy. A literate women can take care if its family. As they put its efforts in workplace, they also make efforts to support its family. In Oman,  the literacy and domestic life has suffered from martial gains which was unimaginable about many years ago. Omani family tries to retain its recognition in their society and country and they are making utmost efforts for it


Globalization has an effect on the lives of the people and no one can count its effect on the work, on the families and also on the societies. It will be right to say that Globalization puts open doors to women to enter labor force, which is related about their family roles. The tradition and characteristics of Arab family in Oman is changing. The father is the provider and mother is a housekeeper and average size of family is about eight to ten members. A lot of non traditional attitudes and behaviors are reported which shows that marriage is a temporary commitment between two parties and they go to their liberal life either in a good or wrong direction. The divorce rate has been increased, which is the result of their globalization, freedom and liberty from their martial behavior. These changings behavior have worse effects on the martial life of families.


Omani society is a traditional society while it puts its relation to the Islamic society, which has identity, loyalty, male dominance and strong kind of social support. With regard to its family relations, both have equally rights and mutual concern. According to a data covered on family relations and marriages, it is noted that about 59% of make didn’t know their wives before marriage. They undergo marriage and then after that, they may be successful or mot. The father is a provider which earns for his family while mother is a housekeeper and she is responsible for children’s attitudes and household chores. Both are responsible for their Children’s until they become young ones. Family relations and crisis are managed by  parents and they spent their life by mutual understandings. They retains equal right and equality towards their Children’s.


Oman has a conservative look in his history, but now they have made changes according to their modern lifestyle and traditions. The availability of education to all have put some changings into the life of Omani’s people. They have equal rights and modernity as compared to other countries. Their access to mass media and worth about their natural resources helps them to promote themselves. According to this, Omani family also have made changes according to their living. They educate their children’s and works on the betterment of their lifestyle and thinking’s according to their traditions to be successful in different eras of their life.



As the worth moves in advancement, the new societies puts their effort to that also. Based on the roles and family’s ability, they cope with their multiple stressors and demands. There are two types of family cohesion. The first one is internal while second one is external. The internal goes to threats about economic status, lack of positive communication, education, absence , family adjustment and much more. The external threats are regarding their social influence, social relations, peer pressure, social status and  media influences. They undergo different changings according to their life style and traditions and their strength is associated to their families.


According to the survey, it has been noted that the major responsibility of domestic persons is the care of their children, education, general well being and discipline. However, it is the responsibility if the father. While he is responsible for external and internal matters, and the mother is responsible about internal matters. It is noted that Both the parties work for the betterment of their family and they put equal budget into it.  It seems that father is the one who makes final decisions regarding his family, but it happens probably, sometimes , it is the mother, which makes decisions. Despite it, their equal contributions makes life even better and faster. The father is responsible for outcome and mother for its daily usage,  so they can be successful.


It happens probably that parents are responsible for children’s questions, but despite of it,  Children talk to us freely and as they grow , they become more close to their parents. Family plays an important role and retain respect and love to their young ones. Those who lived in extended family, arrangements felt that it was very useful because there was a lot of help and support, especially when face difficulties.  The extended domestic life in Oman is still strong and their well being is the prime duty and responsibility for all. They both work for the betterment of their family.


According to their society, it is an unwise able fact that both the persons of the family works for their betterment and family lifestyle. They are smart , expressive and have unique and soft goals about their families. Despite it, they are more stable.  As the family behaviors and traditions changes, practices to Omani traditions and new lifestyle is  most motivating factor in this life. In domestic life, as responsibilities changes, their concern about their family changes. Therefore, they can share their experience and life together. Omani people are built on Islamic principles, they make their changings according to it.

Through the analysis and literature made by the professionals of Online essay help services, I have tried to present the realities about Omani family life. The domestic life is advancement in traditions and behaviors, While it is related to the parents concern about their responsibilities about their individual or social level. The system and culture have added distinct properties to Omani’s family., with the improvement in their economy, their lifestyles are strong and they are more literate now. Globalization has put some effects onto their  lives, but they can cope with it.

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