The article is presented to readers by the academics writing service, to provide the update about the coronavirus situation in Oman; and what initiatives are being implemented to curb the rampant spread.

We are living in the times of the utmost crisis. Global pandemic hitting more than 200 countries has pivotally turned the complete scenario all over the globe. Apart from escalating number of deaths being reported each day, millions have gone unemployed and are unable to pay rents and afford basic amenities. Economies are falling down, businesses are shuttered, travel is banned and there’s lot more in the list. First world countries and the strongest nations are currently fighting a battle to survive and protect their citizens. Global organizations have come together to reach out to the countries colossally impacted by the pandemic. Entering into the new decade and celebrating the new year, no one thought that our lives are going to take 180 degrees in a short period of time.

As the first case was reported in the premises of Oman, immediate actions were taken by the Omani Government to curb the spread of the virus. All domestic and international flights from and to Oman were suspended from March 29th. It was ordered to the relevant authorities and the in-charge personnel to reach out to Omani citizens and the students stuck overseas. It was immediately ordered to arrange emergency flights for such citizens to being them back with safety.  


In Oman, according to the recent statistical data, more than 1000 new cases of positive coronavirus have been reported taking the total cases up to 19,954. There have been 89 fatalities reported and 6,623 individuals have recovered from the infection – updated on the site of essay help. The acting Health Minister Dr Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al Said has recently stated through eminent Omani News Agency, that number of recoveries are estimated to increase in the forthcoming days.

Health Minister further added that the testing drive in the sultanate has conducted 129,527 tests up till now; along with conducting more than 2000 tests only in the past 24 hours. Furthermore, he also provided the details about Governorate of Dhofar being banned for entry and exit for a period of time; and in addition to that port province of Duqm in the eastern Oman is completely restricted to enter from this week to July 3rd. The series of restricted regions were announced for the public awareness, as it is essential to restrict the unnecessary movement to curb the virus

Omani government has announced the plan of action that includes regulations to be followed by every individual, functional institute and the department collectively. It is mandatory for the commoners and the residents to follow the self-isolation procedures, maintain social distancing and abide by all the regulated guidelines from the government. People must wear protective masks while being in public and maintain social distance to others. Gatherings of all sorts and nature are currently banned, and strict actions would be taken against individuals who commits violation. All currency exchange centers are shut down, all paper reading material such as newspapers, magazines have stopped being published in the country. In addition to that all imported publications have also been banned in the region of Oman until the further update. Servicing institutes at the present times of crisis, healthcare departments, and the opened shops must follow safety guidelines and maintain social distancing in their dealings of every day. 

It was officially announced by the Omani authorities on the day of May 27 that the Muscat lockdown will be finally lifted from the region on May 29, as acting government has decided to ease the lockdown restrictions in the region. The capital city of Muscat was under the lockdown for extended period of time to limit the rampant surge of the virus. It was also announced in the briefing by the government that half of the workforce of the public sectors are allowed to resume working from their workplaces. However, employees and the employers are obliged to abide by all the regulated laws for social distancing and the protective measures in every condition whatsoever. Plea has also been surfaced from The Ministry of Health to the citizens to adhere by all safety instructions and to remain at home as much as possible.


As all educational institutions in the Sultanate of Oman have been closed until further notice; with this closure, e-learning and the online classes have significantly taken over the conventional method of education. Though being highly helpful and playing a vital role in maintaining the educational continuity of the students; many are expressing concerns about not to avail the complete benefits due to communication gap and lack of assistance from the teachers. Due to this many students are hitting up a search for “write my essay” to seek the expert help.   

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