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Oman lies in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and owns the unique significance being the oldest independent Arab state in the world. Historically, it has been reported that the Empire of Oman covered the vast region from the existing location to the eastern coast of Africa. 1970 marked the initiation of the novel era when reigning Sultan named the country simply Oman from The Sultanate of Muscat and Oman. National Day is observed on 18th November every year celebrating the historical independence from the Portugal in the year 1650.  Being the significant member of Arab League and the Gulf Cooperation Council, Oman holds the colossal value.

Islam is a practiced religion and Arabic is the official language in the region. However, English is spoken widely throughout the country which has bridged the communication gap between foreigners and locals to the larger extent. Omani Rial (OMR) is the currency of the country which is equivalent to 2.60 US Dollars (USD). Citizens of Oman are native Arabs while ethnic Baloch also comprises of the large population as the migrated from Iran and Pakistan to the country of Oman in the last few centuries. Muscat is the capital city of the country lying along the northern coast containing more than 1 million expats according to the recent statistics. Having the fascinating combination of modern and traditional infrastructure, region is the serving port and hub of all the commercial affairs.


Country’s economy is mostly dependent upon the production and export of the petroleum. Every year, the significant oil revenues add about the two-fifths of national GDP along with contributing to three-fourths of total income of the government. Being an agricultural country, foreign trading and fishing industry are also crucial for the economy. In addition to that, the biggest city is Salah and indeed is the most preferred for job seekers and workforce collectively because of the presence of free zone and cargo port located in the city.

People work from Sunday to Thursday for 40 to 48 hours generally, while Friday and Saturday are the weekend. The work week deviates from rest of the world because Friday is the significant day of the week religiously when special prayers (Jumu’ah Prayers) occur throughout the region in the country. Similar work week is followed in neighboring countries of Qatar, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

It is substantially noteworthy that Sultanate of Oman does not have any policy regulated in order to garner taxes on personal income of the residents or non-residents individuals. This also applies to wealth, capital gains, property or benefits on investments. If a person owns the taxable income stream then taxation is applied at the rate of the 15%. The same criteria are applied to businesses and companies. Businesses and companies involved in functional petroleum operations of every sort are subjected to the taxation amount at the 55%. In addition to the previous statement made, at the rate of adequate 10%, withholding tax is charged on the specified amount of payments made to the foreign nationals. However, there is no applicable law when it comes to foreign exchange or taxations.

It is highly recommended to visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque if you’re planning a visit to Oman. It gives you a chance to get enlightened to Islamic Civilization and History in the most fascinating way. There’s no entry fee to the place but certain guidelines must be followed in terms of clothing and behavior to access trouble-free access to the mosque. Apart from that, if you want to experience sand dunes and typical desert atmosphere then Wahiba Sands is your true calling. While being in a Muscat, you mustn’t miss attending Royal Opera House as it organized multiple events in a month for tourists and locals.

There are wide-ranging organizations to get employment for expats in various areas of the country. Shell, a multinational oil giant owns the majority of expats currently working in the different sectors of the organization. In addition to the previous information, it is also one of the largest employers of the country. If you have no plans to consider intra-company transfer, then there are multiple options to choose from. Some of the niche employment opportunities for expats are largely present in tourism, infrastructure construction projects, logistics, irrigation technologies, industrial machinery, healthcare services and education.


While doing a job hunt, it is highly recommended from the experts that you consider companies located in the free zones of Sohar and Salaah. Headquarters of global companies such as Oracle and Microsoft are also present here; and many foreign professionals are employed here every year. You should pay extra attention to make a professional cv and also consider web tools for making CV online. Apart from all the useful information mentioned above, following job hunt sites can largely help you with your ongoing search:

  • Al Jazeera jobs
  • Gulfjobsmarket
  • Careerjet Oman
  • Moster Gulf
  • Gulftalent

As expat community is in abundance, there are high chances you’ll end up finding somebody from your country in some place. Moreover, it is convenient to make friendship with other nationals as well, as there exists many social clubs warmly inviting you. Geographically, smaller towns are not at a far distance from the main Muscat city, and a huge majority of expats also resides in the rural areas. With many bars, clubs, shopping malls and cafes being present, boredom barely hits you and you can always go out when feel homesick.

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